I am a Transgender film/video maker, installation and performance artist. My recent work uses costume, cosmetics, projection, blue-screen, and environments created from found objects and minimally worked materials such as card board, yarn, tin foil, untreated wood, leaves, paper, fabric and fur to embody animals and characters from genre and children’s literature.

            My daily experience of living perpetually between genders has caused me to be deeply invested in critiquing binary social constructions. Thus much of my work seeks to problematize relationships such as Nature/Culture, Animal/Human, Autobiography/Fiction, Physical/Mental, and Intellectual/Emotional. By challenging the boundaries between these categories I desire to create hybrid spaces and narratives which invite their audiences to create new connections and relationships that extend beyond the confines of the dualities with which they were socialized.


2010: MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC): Film/Video/New Media and Animation

2005: BA Sarah Lawrence College: Concentration in Film/New Media Production and Art History



selected, films, istallations, projects, & exhibitions:

2011: Blue Mutants – HTML and Web Video Installation
            • Installed at The Simulationists: Mixed Reality Performance,
            Betty Rymer Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, February-
            March 2011, Chicago, IL
2010: The Appeal of the Disappearing Object – Live Performance
            • Performed at Death Rites, Roxaboxen Exhibitions, December 2010,
              Chicago, IL
2010:  Ways of Eating Flesh – Video in Collaboration with Marissa Perel
            • Screened at  Don’t Hang Up on Me, Links Hall, November 2010,
              Chicago, IL
2010: Flopsy Loves Mopsy Says Flopsy – Video and Sculptural Installation
            • Installed at SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibition – Spring 2010
2010: HEXENHAUS – Video, Text-Tapestries, & Live Performance
            • Installed and Performed at No-Coast Collective, March 2010
              Chicago IL.

  • Top 5 Pick for the week of 5/11/2010 – Bad at Sports
  • Reviewed in Chicago Art Magazine

2009: Hey Fox!! – HDV
            • Screened at Push and Play at the Nightingale Theater and Gallery,    
             February 2011, Chicago IL.
• Screened at Out of Time Festival, July 2009, Chicago IL.
• Screened at Threat Level Bi-Monthly Screening Series at                   Elegant Mr. Gallery, March 2009, Chicago IL.
2008: Hey Fox! #1 – Performance with Live Digital and Analogue video Elements
  • Performed at the Green Lantern Booth at Around the Coyote Fall   Festival, October 2008, Chicago IL.
2008: Tony’s Tale: Better Living Through Personal Futures Planning – DV
            • Screened at 2008 Cal-TASH Summer Symposium, Santa Barbra, CA
2007:  Nestworks – DV
            • Screened at Secret Technology Show
            • Screened at Trannyfest 2007, San Francisco, CA.
            • Screened at Mission Underground Film Festival 2008,
              San Francisco, CA
2006: State Birds – DV
            • Installed at Salon De La Californie, Decoupage, San Francisco,
            January 2006.
            • Screened at Oper/Anti Film and New Media Festival, Yonkers, NY,
            May 2006.
2005: Five Symbol Boxes – Aluminum Foil, Cardboard, String Lights.
            • Installed at group show at Hayes Valley Market Space, December 2005.
2005: Forced – Super 8 film loop installation.
            • Installed as part of The Loudest Sound exhibition at Hayes Valley Market
            Space, San Francisco, Summer 2005.
2005: Cyborg Bodies – 3 channel surveillance camera and DV performance installation
2005: Ghost Modern! – 16mm installation
• Installed as part of Salon of the Forgotten at the Decoupage Gallery, San Franciso.
2004: Weeping Bed – Wood, Leaves, and Audio Loop
 2004: Four Panels – Installation with Wood, Plexiglas, Lipstick, Shave Foam,                Foundation, and 4 DV Loops
2004: Animal Lover Society  - 16mm and Super-8 on DV
2004: Passing Through  - 2 Channel DV installation.
            • Installed at the 2004 SLC Noise Festival with music by Adam Khoal.
1999: What She Knows – DV
            • Winner Best Independent Student Video –
   34th Annual California Student Media and Multimedia Festival